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Millennials struggle to find employment

Julia Muskevich, Staff Member

March 24

Filed under Opinion

Finding a job fresh out of college is almost as hard as committing to a major within your first year on campus. As millennials, we face steep competition before even entering the workforce. Not only is the unemployment rate...

Tump administration to thwart financial aid

Danny Yoeono, Staff member

March 21

Filed under Opinion

Here's what's happening: President Donald Trump and his administration seem to hate people who get an education. In a "dear colleague" letter posted March 16 the current political regime has taken back protections ordered by...

Spring Break is overrated

Erin Smith, Opinions editor

March 21

Filed under Opinion

As spring break approaches, visions of nubile coeds storming sandy beaches, getting drunk off cheap tequila and being involved in questionable social situations come to mind. But are these tawdry dreams and fantasies all they're...

Number of “Dreamers” are dropping

Julia Muskevich, Staff member

March 9

Filed under Opinion

The volume of undocumented immigrant students applying for the California Dream Act has dropped more than 40 percent due to immeasurable fears of deportation, new data shows. "The national conversation surrounding immigration...

Editorial: News and accountability

Editorial Board

March 8

Filed under Editorial, Opinion

We live in an age of information. If you have a question, an answer can be found simply by asking Google. But what if you accept the first answer you are given as a fact, even when it's not necessarily the right one, but merely...

Long time students being bashed by the federal government

Erin Smith, Opinion editor

March 8

Filed under Opinion

I started my college "career" at Diablo Valley College over 10 years ago, and since the summer of 2006 have racked up 157 attempted units - this semester included - as well a five-page long unofficial transcript. With the...

Letter to the editor

Ali Lee, Guest writer

March 7

Filed under Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Everyday students drive to the Pleasant Hill campus to go to class, but how is it possible to learn when you can’t park your car to get to class? The Diablo Valley College parking lots have only gotten worse each semester with...

Letter to the Editor

Tiffany Cerruti, Guest writer

March 3

Filed under Letters to the Editor, Opinion

Each year Diablo Valley College puts on their annual graduation ceremony in the month of May. According to the DVC website, more than 22,000 students go to both the Pleasant Hill and San Ramon campus. That seems like an impressive...

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