ASDVC needs advisor

Aidan Herrick, Puzzles and Games editor

As the semester draws to a close, the thoughts of many students turn to the summer. For the ASDVC and the Student Life Office staff, their thoughts rest on who will become the new advisor in the fall.

With current advisor Yvonne Canada returning full time to the counseling center in the fall, and budget cuts eliminating the Dean of Student Life position, which he’s held for nearly a decade, many have begun to wonder who will step up to the task of advising the ASDVC.

“The position is extremely important as a support to student leaders and their right to participate in campus governance. They also advocate for students’ interests with the district governing board and with the state community college system and the legislature,” says Oye. “The advisor helps ASDVC set goals and to supports them in their work to achieve those goals.”

One of the benefits of being ASDVC advisor is a reduced workload. The position offers a release time as high as 60 percent, which would free up a great deal of time for the faculty member that takes up the post.
“We have many faculty members on campus who serve as club advisors, and this might be a similar experience for those successful advisors,” Oye added.

Though a handful of faculty members have said that they may be interested, the Student Life Office has yet to receive any official letters of interest, the deadline for which is at the end of business day Thursday the 17th.

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