The Associate of Arts for Transfer in Journalism



Rachel Reyes earned DVC’s first journalism transfer degree in May 2014.

The Associate of Arts degree requires 12 units in journalism and 6 units of related General Education courses.

Core: JRNAL 110 Mass Media of Communication (3 units), JRNAL 120 Newswriting Techniques (3 unit), JRNAL 126 News Production Lab I (The Inquirer, 3 units.)

Journalism electives – Choose 3 units from: JRNAL 127 News Production II (3 units), JRNAL 130 Multimedia Reporting

General Education electives – Choose 6 units from: ART-160 (photography), BUS-240 or MATH-142 (statistics), ECON-220 (macroeconomics) or ECON-221 (microeconomics), POLSC-121 (U.S. government), POLSC-220 (comparative politics), ENGL-126 (critical thinking) and COMM-123 (argumentation).

The A.A. for transfer in journalism is recognized by CSUs at Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Humboldt, Long Beach, Monterey Bay, Sacramento and Cal Poly Pomona. In some cases, journalism students may transfer into related programs like public relations, corporate communication or media studies. San Francisco State and San Jose State have transfer requirements that can be filled by the A.A., so talk to the journalism adviser or your counselor about which courses you should take for those destinations.

Inquirer editors in graduation gear.
Shane Louis, Tyler Elmore and Taylor Pagan received their associate’s degrees in journalism in May 2015.