The future of transportation is here


Austin Lemak, Senior Staff writer

The newest trend spreading around the world is a self balancing personal transportation board.  Transportation is changing; we can now just stand on a board and move around with little to no effort.  These boards are changing how we think of transportation.  With these boards we can be one step closer to being a part of the future and not be stuck in the past.

Boards can be customized and bought at different sellers around the world.  Future Boards USA, Cali Rollers and IO Hawk boards are all upcoming companies from California with all great options to get your own personal board.

Walking is exhausting and takes way to much energy.  Other options such as skateboarding, biking and rollerblading are all great ways of getting from point A to point B, but that consumes way to much energy. Those options to get around campus aren’t allowed, but the solution is here.

Your classes can be on either side of the campus and only ten minutes to get there, which is hard to do unless your on the track team.  Personal transportation boards are the new and innovative way to get from the overfilled parking lot, and through all the students to make your class on time.

You can also perceive people riding the boards as a sign of laziness, or maybe it is a step into the future like the movie Back to the Future.  Like how Marty rode the hover board when he traveled to the year 2015. 

DJ Endevoets, DVC athletic trainer, talked about the new self balancing boards,“Wow, are we this lazy now?  They look cool and fun to ride and I feel like its a step to the future.”

The boards are popping up all over the world. Compared to Segways these boards have a lot of the same features.  A Segway can cost up too $1500 as the smaller personal boards can range from $400-$700 depending on what model, color and design you would want on your board.  It will fit into your college budget, it’s about the price of four text books from DVC. They are a more affordable outlet to look for a smaller, more compact Segway.

“Demands are so high right now, a lot of people think it’s the new hype gadget just like how everyone wants to get the new Apple phone or watch.  The boards appeal to a lot of different types of people, it makes life easier for those working in big office buildings or even someone in college”, said owner of Future Boards.

You move as if you were on a Segway, but if you do not have balance then this board may not be for you.  To become a skilled rider which only takes 10-15 minutes of riding you can start to ride like Chris Brown and perform amazing stunts. Family man, and professional football player, Brian Cushing can be seen with his own board pushing his kids in the stroller down the street.

Skywalker Boards, are the most popular brand. You can see famous people such as Snoop Dogg riding and playing basketball on the boards.   There are a lot more companies that are selling the personal transport boards.  Future Boards are out of the Bay Area and sells worldwide as well as other companies selling the boards. You can find all different kinds of boards on as well as Amazon for the best deals.

Be the person that starts the trend at DVC and maybe you wont see anyone walking any more because that is boring and slow.