Finding success beyond the classroom


Chelsey Schallig

Ray Faulkenberry addressing students on finding success beyond the classroom in the Student Union, March 10.

Chelsey Schallig, Staff member

A successful person is one who takes full advantage of an opportunity to figure out who they are and what they want in life.

The “success beyond the classroom” workshop was hosted by Ray Faulkenberry, psychology professor, in the Diablo Valley College Student Union on March 10. Faulkenberry spoke to students about being successful during and after college.

It’s easy to tell yourself to “work harder,” but the real challenge is following through with that. If you lack a clear goal, you can’t reach success if you’re not completely sure what you’re striving for. Success is an abstract word that possesses various meanings depending on the person who’s using it.

“A successful person is one who has made it through the worst and is now ready to complete the rest of their lives. You need a good balance between yourself and your dreams,” said Faulkenberry.

Once you identify your need, will you act on it or fail to accomplish it? There are reasons why you’re not successful. There a several types of negative people: haters, pessimists, and the jealous type, and if you listen to discouragement, your goals will slip away.

“Jealous types are people who have abandoned their once aspirations and dreams. They’re envious of you because they don’t have the courage to pursue what they dream of, however it’s good to listen to some criticism,” said Faulkenberry.

Your skills and talents will be unappreciated in the wrong environment. So it’s not surprising that you wouldn’t be too proud of your work, or end up creating an overwhelming sense of stress and negativity.

“You’re in college and it’s important that you apply yourself in everything you do. You need balance between your social life and and school work,” said Faulkenberry, “Follow your dreams, but take time and remember the little things in life. Not everything is going to be perfect, so don’t give up.”

Your wellness is the full integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Physical wellness deals with the body and a healthy lifestyle, and can help us get through life without stress of fatigue. Mental wellness deals with the mind and allows us to open our minds to new experiences and ideas. Emotional wellness deals with the heart and gives us the ability to cope with the challenges life throws at us. Spiritual wellness is one’s purpose that establishes peace and harmony with our lives.

“It’s important to take care of ourselves and pay attention to our wellness. You can’t be successful if your mind and body aren’t well. Surround yourself with people who understand and support you,” said Faulkenberry. “When life gets hard you have to keep going towards what you want, and don’t lose yourself along the way.”