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Not A “Room” but THE “Room”

Kayla Rojas, Staff Member

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A little known film dubbed “so bad that it’s good” has long since made a name for itself in the film community. “The Room” is an independent film by director, writer and producer Tommy Wiseau.

The movie follows Wiseau playing a banker whose fiancee is having an affair with his best friend. The film has achieved cult classic status as of late, and theatrical screenings of it are now a novelty.

Every second Saturday of the month, movie theaters in the Bay Area, most notably in San Francisco and San Jose, hold a showing of “The Room.” Much like the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” it capitalizes on the audience’s participation and shouting lines on cue.

A prime example of this is because the crew forgot to take the stock photos of spoons out of the picture frames used as props, and upon them being shown on screen audience members now yell “Spoons!” and proceed to throw plastic spoons at the screen.

The transitions in the movie are poorly done, and shots of San Francisco are inserted instead to which the audience responds “San Francisco!” Participation is encouraged among movie goers by throwing a football around whilst the characters onscreen are doing so, or by screaming back infamous lines.

Watching this movie on the big screen is a much different experience depending on the type of audience that you are with. The most unique part of it all is that not one show will be the same as the audience will vary.

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Not A “Room” but THE “Room”