New “discovery tool” makes library searches easier than ever


The new OneSearch toolbar allows students to search DVCs online databases and library catalogs in one go.

Mahrukh Siddiqui, Managing editor

The new discovery tool, OneSearch, is finally here and it is everything you could have hoped for.

Beginning this fall semester, the DVC library is introducing a new search feature on its website called OneSearch.

OneSearch is a “google-like” search bar for the DVC library and its databases. OneSearch not only provides information from the library database at DVC, but also the physical books present at both the DVC and Los Medanos College libraries.

Physical books can be reserved at the DVC library or requested from Los Medanos. Reservations from the latter will be forwarded to the DVC library in about five business days, meaning that if the book is requested at the beginning of the week it will be available for pick-up by the end of the week.

The search engine is also able to search for videos available on demand at the DVC library, but does not allow DVC students to browse the databases of Los Medanos or Contra Costa Community College unless the student is registered for classes at those campuses.

OneSearch makes searching the library catalog a lot easier. No longer will students have to scan through each individual database looking for books, articles and videos on a topic. Using the toolbar on the library’s homepage, you can quickly and easily search multiple databases at once.

According to Daniel Kiely, DVC’s electronic access librarian, OneSearch’s introduction comes just as the DVC library unsubscribes from the ProQuest Research Library, due to some overlap of resources found in the Academic Search Premier database.