See a movie in the theaters everyday for $9.95 a month

Kion Karimi, Staff member

Tired of paying an immense amount of money to go watch movies at the theater every month? Well, it may sound unreal, but anyone who signs up for a $9.95 monthly subscription service through MoviePass can go to the movie theaters once a day to watch one movie at a lower cost.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

The only limitations, however, are that according to their website a customer won’t be able to watch 3D, IMAX, Fathom Events, DBOX, ETX/RPX, or film festival screenings.

Regardless of those limitations, being able to watch one movie a day is a sweet deal because when you really think about it, the average price for a matinee show would be around $9.25-$10.75 and an evening show would be $12.00-$13.50.

If you wanted to go see a six o’clock show every Wednesday and Friday you would be paying a lot but with the MoviePass, you can see as much as you want, once a day without exceeding the $20 limit.

This just makes MoviePass a more affordable option to have an experience at the movie theater.

You can go at any time as long as you follow the instructions when you get to the theater.

“I enjoy seeing movies, but I don’t because they are expensive,” DVC student Ingrid Zulgis said.

When asking students whether or not they would pay for the subscription, Alan Florian, DVC student, said, “I would definitely, I enjoy watching movies and hate paying the average amount.”

So how does MoviePass work exactly?

Go to and scroll to the bottom where you can type in your zip code to see if your local movie theater accepts it.

Worst case scenario, if you’re not certain your theater accepts MoviePass, just call them to be 100 percent sure.

According to their website, MoviePass claims that they are accepted at over 91 percent of theaters nationwide.

To test this claim, I decided to check with my local theaters, and to my surprise, most around accepted the pass.

Some theaters that accept it include Century 16 Downtown Pleasant Hill, Century 14 Downtown Walnut Creek and Brendan Concord 14.

Once you sign up, it’s quite easy to subscribe.

First, you will have to wait until you get the debit card in the mail. Then you will need to download the MoviePass app on your phone.

When arriving to the movie theater, pull up the app, click on the movie and showtime that you want to attend and then press “Check-In,” from which the user will have 30 minutes to purchase their ticket.

Pull out the debit card received from MoviePass, and the company will be charged for the ticket.

The same process goes for if the user wanted to purchase their ticket at a kiosk.

MoviePass has been around since 2011, but it wasn’t until recently that they decided to drop their subscription price down to $9.95 from $15.

“Instead of spending $36 after 3 days, you would be spending $10 a month,” DVC student Carlos Carrillo said.

I think this is a great subscription service. Everyone should support and try it out if you love to go see movies like me.

“I feel like its too good to be true,” Carrillo said.