Kanopy video streaming service available free for all DVC students

Kion Karimi, Staff member

DVC students can enjoy a video streaming service full of important key indie films and classics as long as they have their InSite login.

Kanopy offers a huge selection of movies to watch instantly in such categories as documentary, world cinema and animation, as well as selections from the Criterion Collection.

Anyone accustomed to Netflix will feel right at home with Kanopy, which uses a similar visual style, complete with boxed squares and easy maneuverability.

Kanopy may be in the same style as Netflix, but it is more catered towards cult classics such as” Metropolis,” “Donnie Darko” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy,” to name a few.

It also encompasses important thought-provoking films such as “I Am Not Your Negro,” Alfred Hitchcock’s “Foreign Correspondent” and “Yojimbo,” from Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

“It has great content and it’s content that instructors can use,” DVC librarian Daniel Kiely said. “This would be great for faculty and students, there is a need for streaming media.”

Not only is this video streaming service convenient, but it offers a solution to a problem for film students, who no longer have to worry about renting films that are available on Kanopy.

The service brings easy access to films for students at home and on campus, as compared to old traditions where you would have to check it out from the library and couldn’t take it home.

“Our DVD collection they would have to check it out, they can’t take it home,” Kiely said.

Having access to the Criterion Collection is a treat for any film enthusiast, or anyone that’s interested in popular old films.

“It has a lot of good movies and video resources and access to films that are harder to get,” said art digital media faculty member Kimberlee Koym.

This service isn’t just for film students – anyone can watch them at any time even if you’re not majoring in film.

“I can use it for my students and show things from it,” Koym said.

These films were made for all to watch and experience. Even in 2017 it is just as refreshing to have a glimpse of what it was like to be in a time where films were so influential.

“Students have more access to films then ever before,” said DVC film major Sam Vargen.

To use Kanopy, simply just go to the DVC website and head over to the Library and bookstore tab. You can also DVC’s Kanopy page dvc.kanopystreaming.com to login.

After that you then click on Pleasant Hill Library and then scroll down and click on articles and more. You will then be taken to the A-Z database from which you will click on K and there you go, the link to Kanopy.

This will then ask for your last name and student ID number and you’re all set.

If you ever wanted to just have a place full of classics and new films alike that are thought provoking and meaningful, Kanopy is the place to be.

“The directors of today didn’t have access to these films,” said Vargen.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article inaccurately stated that you cannot login in directly from the Kanopy website. This information has been corrected.