Diablo Valley College’s tea club brews up fun


Chris Core

The DVC Student Union Building where the food pantry is planned to be constructed.

Isaac Norman, Managing editor

Drink tea. Chill. Do homework.

Every Monday at 3 p.m. members of Diablo Valley College’s tea club can look forward to an afternoon spent laughing with friends, working on homework and yes, drinking tea.

Started in the fall semester of 2017, the whole idea of the club, according to its president Jerry Ortega, is to excel at school, make new friends and have fun in the process.

The concept started in high school when Ortega and three friends wanted to get good grades.

Their study club expanded to include drinking tea and eventually bringing in others.

Speaking about why tea club grew into a formal club, Ortega said, “We want everyone to excel in their academics, we want everyone to be smart.”

During Club Day last semester 70 people signed up for tea club.

Misa Ridgway, 20, who is a political science major believes one of the reasons why tea club is so popular is because, “liking tea is something everyone has in common.”

Several people, like Demetrios Robles an 18-year-old psychology major, joined after they were encouraged to do so by their friends.

Robles, who has a five hour gap between classes, was convinced to check out tea club after his friend told him to come play some games and hang out.

“I thought that’s better than watching Netflix by myself,” said Robles.

When asked why he felt tea was such a popular drink to offer Robles said, “Tea you can have at anytime of the day and there is a tea for everyone.”

Robles’ friend Lawrence Miraflores, a 19-year-old DVC student is in his second semester with the club.

To Miraflores, one of tea club’s benefits is its ability to bring people together because interacting with and befriending people through drinking teas and playing games is a lot easier than meeting strangers you don’t know.

Tea club meets every Monday at 3 p.m. in Student Union room 210.