How to cure writers block


Jessica Gillis

Writers workshop on writer’s block at Diablo Valley College on March 6, 2018.

Jessica Gillis , Staff member

Have you ever felt lost, stuck or the feeling of not having the right words to say?

Suffering from writer’s block is a very frustrating process especially when under an important deadline like most college students are.

Recently Diablo Valley College held a writer’s workshop on how to overcome writer’s block.

English professor Christian Morgan led the workshop and gave some really good advice.

He suggests that if you are struggling with writer’s block the first thing you should always do is talk to your instructor. “The more communication with your instructors the more successful you are going to be.”

Another way Morgan explained how to cure writer’s block was to develop your own unique writing process whether it be only writing at midnight or it is listening to white noise while you write. Saying that once you find your unique process your job will be much easier.

Writer’s block is something that every student has probably come across whether it be staring at a blank page or even not being able to figure out how to finish a paper.

We have all been there.

Mechanical engineering major student at DVC, Priscila Martinez says she gets writer’s block too, “(The) most important thing is when you are trying to force yourself to think, take a break”

Some other ways to ward off writer’s block according to Purdue Owl is to force yourself to write, write anything it could be poorly worded and even not make sense but they suggest that just by the act of writing something it will help you go on to the next idea.

Psych Central suggests shifting gears, instead of writing try painting or baking a cake, choreograph a quick dance. All of these things can help get your mind off of writing and get the creative juices flowing.

With the help of Professors, classmates and an unlimited amount of resources online, the cure to writer’s block is out there just remember to trust the process and power through it.

Government professor Ted Blair at DVC said, “Writer’s block is nothing out of the ordinary…another trick is to read writers you like. See their style and their rhythm and internalize their writing structure by copying down what they have written over and over.”

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article did not state what subjects professors’ Morgan and Blair taught at Diablo Valley College.