*Web Exclusive* Vikings defeated by Rams in away game

The Vikings’ past three games were heart-breakers, with their opponents scoring the winning points in the final moments of the game.

This was not the case on Oct. 24.

This time, the Vikings went up against the undefeated San Francisco City Rams and suffered a crushing 76-13 blowout in San Francisco.

The score at the end of the first quarter stood at 35-6 in favor of the Rams, who had scored five touchdowns to the Vikings’ one.

The Rams would go on to score another four touchdowns before the end of the half, including one for 98 yards off of an interception at the 2-yard line.

Running back Ryan Nastor scored DVC’s second touchdown, which came off of a punt return with three minutes left in the half.

Head Coach Mike Darr had expected this game against the No. 2 team in the nation to be a challenge for his Vikings.

“They’re big and fast and strong,” Darr said. “They’re always going to be tremendous athletes.”

But the Rams proved to be too much for the now 2-5 Vikings. San Francisco had 176 passing yards in the first half, compared to the Vikings’ 19.

The Rams’ offense settled down in the second half, scoring just one touchdown and a field goal. Still, they totaled 76 points scored off of 10 touchdowns and two field goals.

“We made way too many mistakes in the first half,” Darr said after the game. “We missed a few tackles here and there, but for the most part it was us not doing what we’ve been taught to do.”

“That was probably the worst game we ever played,” Running back LaVonte “Texas” Green said,  “but we learn from our mistakes.”

The Vikings will have to learn quickly, as they have another tough away game Saturday against the defending national champions, Butte College.