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Letter to the editor: DVC should install security cameras due to its theft problem

Jason Cordis

February 27, 2018

At DVC campuses, there is a security issue that puts students’ belongings at risk. Several students who have parked their cars at the overflow lots to get to have returned to find that their car windows smashed and certain...

Letter to the Editor: Hunger Banquet or free food?

Gabriele Graziella Endy Butun, Guest writer

February 22, 2018

Millions of people around the world are suffering each day from hunger and poverty. They are constantly encountering a near-death experiences every single day due to lack supply of food, water, sanitation, healthcare and much...

Letter to the Editor: Women’s bathrooms lack a basic service

Luciana Zumaeta Cavalié, Guest writer

February 22, 2018

The women's bathrooms at Diablo Valley College lack a basic service that demands attention. There is a scant amount of tampon and pad dispensers around campus, which means that a female necessity is being ignored. According to...

Letter to Editor: In response to your Feb. 14 editorial “Why we name sources”

Dr. Dorrie Mazzone, Guest writer

February 20, 2018

I’m writing in response to your Feb. 14 editorial “Why we name sources.” There are two issues I’d like to address. First, I find the disconnect between the article and the large photo troubling. In the article,...

Letter to the editor: Victims of bullying and abuse

Stewart B. Epstein

February 13, 2018

Dear Editor: I believe that most of us Americans have been victims of bullying and/or some form of abuse at some time in or lives.  As a former counselor and therapist, I worked with and tried to help many victims of everyday bul...

Letter to the editor: Sexual harassment

Maggie Simms, Guest writer

December 17, 2017

Sexual harassment. It wouldn’t be false to say that nearly every woman on this planet has dealt with this at some point. Neither would it be false to say that even men deal with sexual harassment. A woman should not have...

Letter to the editor: Wise words from someone who has been there

Stewart Epstein, Guest writer

December 8, 2017

Dear Editor: I am writing to you and your readers in the hope that I might be able to be a little helpful and supportive. When I was a 25-year-old college student back in the 1970s, I was very badly sexually harassed for ...

Letter to the editor: Decline in international students caused by alienation

Jun A Moon, Guest writer

September 15, 2017

The Inquirer published an article in print titled “Big Drop in International Enrollment” on August 30, 2017. The article sought to explain the reason behind Diablo Valley College’s largest decline in international student enrollment since it was originally founded. The article concluded, based on ...

Letter to the editor: DVC should add healthier snack options

Madelynn Fairchild, Guest writer

September 14, 2017

When I was on campus recently buying books, I stopped in the Book Center for coffee and a quick snack. I was shocked at how limited my choices were. As I was looking for a quick bite to eat, it appeared that my only options w...

Letter to the editor: In response to DVC’s remarks regarding Charlottesville

Ariadne Wolf, Guest Writer

August 23, 2017

I want to start by thanking the DVC faculty and administration for endorsing statements condemning the hate expressed by white supremacist groups gathering and marching in Charlottesville. In times such as these, I believe that...

Letter to the editor: Community colleges need medical leave

Lailee Moshini, Guest Writer

April 25, 2017

To the editor: Community colleges are considered a helping hand to millions of students, which guide them and push them to advancing their education and expanding their career and educational opportunities. Known for being the ...

Letter to the Editor: Do staff, faculty and students need to unite?

Nathaniel Bates, Guest writer

April 19, 2017

Global capitalism has decided that faculty and students are expendable. For a while, professors were immune to this since most had tenure. Today, adjunct faculty are out numbering tenured professors. Their voices are undermined...

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