JetSuiteX brings SoCal flights to Central County


Jesse Sutterley

JetSuiteX prepares for their first commercial flights out of Buchanan Airfield in Concord on April 18.

Jesse Sutterley, Co-editor-in-chief

Buchanan Airfield stopped commercial flights in 1992 after six years of successful flights to Burbank, but now the opportunity for is back for Central County residents to take local flights  down to Los Angeles.

JetSuiteX, a private jet company, based in Irvine California, has made its way to Buchanan just off of 680 in Concord.

This is great news for residents who will no longer have to travel to Oakland or San Francisco for a quick trip down to Southern California.

As of April 19, JetSuiteX will be flying its aircraft three times daily to and from Burbank, and a Friday flight to Las Vegas that would return on Sunday. These are small jets holding a maximum 30 of people, but will have “many of the comforts usually associated with private jet travel, but for the price of a traditional airline seat,” said JetSuiteX.

Prices start as low as $109 one way if they are booked at least two weeks in advance, and $199 for flights to Las Vegas. This is a tad more expensive than flights from Oakland, which can be as low as $72, but you are paying for the convenience; there are no long lines at airport security, and Buchanan offers free parking on weekends.

By mid 2017, JetSuiteX’s larger E135 charter planes will make their way to Buchanan. These planes will also include complimentary wifi and work tables for passengers.

“The E135 is the perfect aircraft for a family vacation, group sports trip, or destination wedding, so people can even charter the whole aircraft very cost effectively,” said JetSuiteX CEO Alex Wilcox, in a press release.

JetSuiteX will also be flying exclusively into small private airfields, which they say will make the experience faster and more comfortable.

Although commercial flights will be leaving Buchanan regularly now, Keith Freitas, the director of airports at Buchanan, wants to reassure the public that these planes will not cause a disturbance. “For area residents, the flights between Burbank and Buchanan Field represent a fraction of the 300 daily flights now,” said Freitas. “Neighboring communities won’t have to worry about JetSuiteX overburdening the area with significantly more air traffic, and the fleet is among the quietest.”

The expansion to Burbank from Concord is only the beginning, however, as JetSuiteX has announced that they are considering expanding its flights to San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Phoenix.