United Faculty 40th Birthday


Jesse Sutterley

Trevor Strohl, 18 Saxophone player, and Miles Davis, 22 bass player play to a crowd of DVC students during the United Faculty BBQ on April 27.

Jesse Sutterley, Co-editor-in-chief

The United Faculties celebrated their 40th birthday, Wednesday April 27, with students and faculty by providing a free barbecue lunch from the Culinary department, and live music.

Even though the weather was less than ideal, there was a great student turn out. Tables filled up quickly and many students were just sitting on the grass listening to Hard as Funk.

“We are throwing this little birthday party and feeding students and brought over some great music,” said Jeffery Michels, executive director of the United Faculty.

Food was provided for students by the Culinary Arts department and a student funk band, Hard as Funk, opened for the event. “We have been playing together for a little while now,” said Daniel Oriti, 25 and the drummer for Hard as Funk.

Most of the group met here at Diablo Valley College aside from Miles Davis, 22 bassist and vocalist, and Connor Millitello, 22, guitarist for the band. “We have known each other a while,” Millitello said referring to Miles, “maybe since sophomore year of high school, but this band is brand new.” They also play small gigs around the East Bay but were asked to play at the event by their professor, Matt Zebey.

It wasn’t just students that enjoyed the barbecue. Staff members also joined the festivities between classes. Julie Derby Jaecksch, the new crime scene investigation professor at DVC, pulled up a chair to enjoy the music. “This is my first semester here and I just wanted to check out the activities,” said Jaecksch as she ate, “it is so inclusive here, faculty and students get to spend time together outside of class.”

After Hard as Funk finished their set, DVC Spanish professor Marina T. Crouse came on with her band mates, who will also be playing in New Orleans for Jazz fest in a few days.

The event wrapped up at 2 p.m. as Crouse’s band finished playing. Overall the event went off without a hitch with students and faculty enjoying themselves.