Project Censored


Courtesy of Mickey Huff

Chelsey Schallig, News Editor

“Censored 2017” covers a variety of stories from surveillance technology, to a brief history of Central Intelligence Agency media manipulation.

Mickey Huff, history and social science professor at Diablo Valley College, is a director of Project Censored and Media Freedom Foundation. Huff explained that the project engages with media literacy to work towards a truly free press for democratic self-government.

“Censored 2017” points out the problems and issues that are ignored, or not covered in the corporate press, and celebrates independent journalists who bring those stories to life. The project hopes to bring more attention to ignored and skewed stories and hopes people will pay more attention to particular issues.

The book is part of a mission to show the importance of free press and a part of the mission is media literacy.

“For the upcoming book, ‘Censored 2017,’ there is a civic action kind of bent to it. We believe that free press principles and journalism play an important part in pursuing social justice,” says Huff.

“The American culture is a pretty unique society overall, despite the fact that many people in the U.S live under the umbrella of mythological…exceptionalism,” says Huff.

“Censored 2017” is opposed to censorship and Huff mentions that censorship is a lot bigger than people realize in the United States. Media outlets make the decisions as to what subjects are included, or not included, in corporate media.

“We operate under the principle that we have a free press, therefore, there’s nothing wrong. It’s not that people don’t understand it, it’s that they’re not taught to think critically about media,” says Huff.

The project’s  purpose is to educate people about how media works and support the new generation of journalists while working in multiple media assignments through education and classes.

“We have a weekly radio show that’s on 35 stations and multiple film projects. We have over 200 students and faculty supporting us and we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year with this upcoming book,” says Mickey Huff.

Ralph Nader, who wrote the Foreword for “Censored 2015: Inspiring We the People” will be hosting an event at the DVC campus Tuesday Oct. 18th in the Diablo Room from 3-4 pm.

“Censored 2017: Fortieth Anniversary Edition” is available for purchase on Oct. 4.