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Drug deal ends in slaying near Diablo Valley College

Casey Riggs, Staff Member

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What was supposed to be a marijuana sale ended in a robbery-homicide when 23-year-old Oshry Elor was murdered in his home around 11:14 p.m. on April 7 near the 2100 block of Norse Drive.

Pleasant Hill Police Lt. Scott Vermilion said a neighbor reported the incident and police arrived shortly after, finding Elor dead on scene after suffering three gunshot wounds from a handgun.

According to the Pleasant Hill Police Department’s press release two suspects were identified, Luther Lee from Columbus, Georgia and Keith Jones from Cusseta, Georgia.

The charges against Mr. Jones include murder, robbery and burglary and the possible charges against Mr. Lee include conspiracy and murder.

Early into the investigation the police found leads suggesting the two suspects were heading to Georgia.

Pleasant Hill police contacted the Arizona Department of Public Safety to be on the look out for the suspects.

An Arizona State Trooper located a car with the two suspects and pulled them over; several occupants exited the car and Lee was arrested.

A remaining occupant who was later identified as Jones fled in the car, causing a high speed chase that ended in the state of New Mexico.

Jones is currently being held in McKinley County Detention Center, while Lee is being held at the Navajo County Detention Center.

In an interview with Lt. Vermillion, Lee allegedly set up the planned deal and Jones is the alleged shooter in the case.

“Lee was arrest on an outstanding warrant previously obtained by Pleasant Hill Police,” according to ABC 7 News.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has not made an immediate comment on the issue.

Both of the suspects are being processed for extradition to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Main Detention Facility.

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Drug deal ends in slaying near Diablo Valley College