DVC devises new bond to kick-start Measure E

A rendered image of new art and kinesiology facilities to be constructed. (Photo courtesy of DVC).

(Photo courtesy of DVC)

A rendered image of new art and kinesiology facilities to be constructed. (Photo courtesy of DVC).

Edwin Chen, Staff member

Diablo Valley College president Susan Lamb vouch for a new bond that is bound to set Measure E into action to construct new art, English and athletic facilities for the Pleasant Hill campus and renovations for the San Ramon campus.

“We’re starting construction probably this fall, and we are looking at an eighteen month time table once constructions begin.” said Lamb, “There’s been years worth of planning before we put that first shovel in the ground. We are really excited about this.”

Measure E was voted in by the Contra Costa Community College District voters to provide funding for new infrastructure in Los Madonna College, Contra Costa College, and of course, DVC. According to Lamb, many of the school’s facilities were built in the 1960s and 1970s. Some classroom lacked the space and equipment to provide a full educational experience for the growing population of DVC students. Measure E seeks to breathe new life onto campus by raising facilities to higher standards.

Lots of premeditation have gone into the planning phase of renovations. Lamb and her team of contractors strived to overcome challenges like accommodating for cost escalation and meeting safety field acts required by the Contra Costa Division of State Architect. Extra funding will be the key catalyst in accelerating these processes, but getting the permission for a new bond may be a difficult obstacle on its own: not everyone is aware or approving of the cause to improve educational infrastructures.

“For some people, it is that balance of is raising tax worth giving the education.” said Lamb, “I believe in the common good (in funding education). It benefits the community. But people feel differently about it.

Bids for the approval of Measure E were awarded in December, according to a newsletter sent out by Lamb to DVC staff, “contractors have started to occupy the site in late February.”

However, there has been an absence of communication regarding Measure E which has been highlighted by DVC’s own English and art departments. According to some full-time and adjunct professors, they know too little about the actual measure to agree or disagree with the new bond. Even so, many believed in the eventual benefit of new and improved teaching facilities.

“It is nice to have a new classroom with new technologies that we need to effectively teach the students engaged and keep them engaged.” Said English professor Amy Zink.

The 2019 bond, predeceased by bonds passed in 2006 and 2014, will be the last hurdle in the finish line of actual construction.

Editor’s Note: The 7th paragraph has been omitted and updated to align with Measure E’s most current information.