ASDVC election results posted for 2019

ASDVC election results were posted on Thursday, April 18. (Inquirer file photo).

ASDVC election results were posted on Thursday, April 18. (Inquirer file photo).

Pavlina Markova, Staff member

Associated Students of Diablo Valley College elections results were posted Thursday and the elected officials are already on the move to “accomplish more,” as Yuvia Mendoza, the new President, said.

Mendoza won the election with more than double the votes than her opponent, Tara Allegra Fermanto.

“Well, I’m happy I won,” said Mendoza, however, what also brought her joy was the number of voters who turned up.

According to her, about 500 students cast their votes during this election, which was better than she expected.

“I was actually pretty surprised because more people came than I expected. … I think that a lot of people who don’t typically vote voted this time,” she said.

According to Mendoza, she and the other elected officials are “already in contact,” and starting to work together.

“It seems like there is a good chemistry, but I think that I’m gonna be a little bit more harsh than our last president (Timotius Vincent),” she said, referring to her plans to “put (all other elected officials) to work over summer already” because she wants ASDVC to “accomplish more.”

The elected students who are going to make these accomplishments are all getting ready for their new roles, apart from a few who kept their posts.

Nicholas Butun was elected as Vice President of Executive Affairs. In his candidate bio provided by ASDVC, he wrote that he was committed to representing the students’ voices and improving their learning experiences, health, and safety on campus.

Ellena Aldisa will be serving as Vice President of Legislative Affairs and according to her candidate biography, she wants to “implement changes that can help everyone,” make DVC a safe environment for “all people of all races,” and help students reach their educational goals.

The post of Controller went to Jiacheng Howard Li. One of his main goals is to give everyone the chance to ask questions and so “create a channel for communication.”

Stefanie Senjaya, being the only candidate, was elected for the post of Parliamentarian. She states that “a Parliamentarian shouldn’t be someone who persistently sticks to the rules,” but someone “who is willing to review, amend, and, to some extent, reconstruct the rules for the better of society.”

Allya Lazuardi is the new secretary, and she wants to focus on making DVC a “home” for all the students. In her candidate bio, she writes that she wants to help all students “achieve their future goals and bring the most potential out of them.”

Stanley Tikando, who only just recently joined ASDVC, was elected to become the Director of Public Relations. Some of his goals are to “make a no-racism and diversified society” and “implement changes that would be beneficial to the student body.”

John Michaelson is going to take over the post of Activities Coordinator. He believes that “it is the most important job of the Student government to represent students … and make sure they are treated fairly.” as he wrote in his candidate biography.

Dorothy Holmes was re-elected to the post of Diversity Affairs Officer. She focuses mainly on the financial situation of students and wants to fight against Assembly Bill 1809, which would “result in a 7 million dollar loss for DVC.” Besides hoping to be able to push towards increasing the Pell Grant awards, Holmes wants to protect students right “by increasing resources for students to participate.”

Gerardo “Panda” De La Torre is going to keep the post of Environmental Affairs officer as he, too, got re-elected into his previous function.

“I’m really happy that people let me finish because I still have a lot of things to finish,” he said. Some of the things he’s focused on are the creation of a 24-hour study room, connecting more with the San Ramon campus, and listening better to people. He wants to “carry on things to the board even if (he doesn’t) agree with them,” and so make students’ voices heard.

These changes in ASDVC will be implemented on June 1.