The Buzz: California Gas Rationing Bill

Inquirer Staff


Would you support a bill that restricted when you could buy gas in order to cut California’s carbon emissions?




Chris Ramirez, 22, Music Industry Studies

 “The only way I could see it working is if they lower the cost of electric cars and make more charging stations.”



Christian Viani, 19, Undecided

I’d be against that bill. I think we should try to ration it differently, because they tried that in the 80’s and it didn’t work. It should be based on how much you make, your family size, the car you own – statistics rather than scheduling.”




Andrew Pannell, 20, Music Technology

“I think it would be good trying to move towards renewable resources.”



Daniel Barker, 20, Architect

“I guess under the right circumstances it makes sense, if we had a short supply of gas. There’s more viable options for tackling carbon emissions.”



Jonathan Woo, 19, Film

“I would be fine with that because that would force people to actually think about the environment.”


Andrea Pulido, 21, Bio Chemistry

Andrea Pulido, 21, Bio Chemistry

“It comes down to the bare details when I need it, I need it.”


Samantha Kirby, 19, Liberal Arts

Samantha Kirby, 19, Liberal Arts

“Well I am against it because if you are a student like me and also work, which is like most college kids. Then your schedule is crazy and always different. So I need to be able to go whenever I can squeeze the time in. They need to push more places on the idea of carpooling places or taking public transportation so there are less people having to get gas and drive in general in California.”