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Hillary, we guess we’re with you

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Hillary, we guess we’re with you

Steven Staton

Steven Staton

Steven Staton

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The presidential debates between, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, would be really funny and enjoyable to watch if one of the two weren’t actually going to be the next president of the United States come Nov. 8.

This is a scary election and too many young people seem to not care.

Voting in this election shouldn’t be a choice, because it’s a necessity. There is absolutely no reason why only 28 percent of eligible voters voted in the primaries. That’s ridiculous and those of you who are not registered or don’t plan to vote are failing yourselves and the people around you. Deciding not to vote is selfish, irresponsible and you’re playing a dangerous game.

Young people argue their vote doesn’t matter or they doubt Trump will win the election. For those of you thinking this way, what is wrong with you? Assuming you don’t want our next president to be Donald Trump, it’s not the smartest tactic to decide not to vote, assume the other voters will vote in your favor and see what happens. That’s idiotic and, unfortunately, there are many Diablo Valley College students who will do just that.

For those of you who are registered to vote and refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because you were a Bernie Sanders supporter, let it go. Bernie is out. Even he’s endorsed Hillary. You’re not doing anyone a favor, except Donald Trump, by deciding to not vote or by voting for a third party candidate.

Keep this in mind, 17 percent of the 28 percent of eligible voters who voted in the primaries voted for Trump and guess what? He became the Republican presidential candidate.

We at the Inquirer are not necessarily thrilled to have Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate, but she’s definitely getting our vote.

It’s easy to compare Clinton to Sanders and ignore all of her credentials, but Clinton is actually very qualified and is 100 percent a much better candidate than Trump.

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Hillary, we guess we’re with you