The Buzz – What does Black History Month mean to you? How do you celebrate?

Nicole Sims and Tyler Skolnick

Kiarra Powell, psychology.

“We celebrate it, but it’s all year long. It’s a time where we remember to be great, because there’s so many stereotypes about us. You need to stamp them out and throw them out the window.” 

Danielle Milton, biochemistry.

“My mom used to have us sit down and read books by black authors, over time it’s helped me get in touch with my inner black.” 

Auchavian Brewer, health science

“It’s a time for everyone to come together in solidarity, to find out where black struggles come from.” 

Simone Gideon, psychology.

“When we celebrate, we go to my grandma’s church, they have a play. My mom really cooks. Chicken, collard greens, and cornbread. We have a group called the Sisters of Tomorrow, we do traditional dances for usually Kwanzaa, but we also celebrate in February.” 

Jackie Broussard, communications.

“It’s a time of reflection.” 

Kevian Blocker, kinesiology.

“I celebrate it all the time! It makes us feel like we mean something.”