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The Buzz: What do you think needs to be improved on campus?

Halie Spol and Jonathan Butler

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Halie Spol

Brianne Pelejo, 20, math major.

“I think they should improve parking, more spaces.” 


Mariah Mousa, 20, architecture major.

“They’ve already done what they can but obviously parking, it’s crazy.”


Halie Spol

Desiree Usog, 36, addiction studies.

“I love the campus I don’t think anything needs to be improved here.”

Halie Spol

Nicholas Andre, 19, computer science.

“More parking.”


Jonathan Butler

Timothy Whitwood, 22, art and digital media major.

“English tutoring should open a week after school starts and tutoring should be open until eight.”

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Halie Spol, Staff member

Staff member, spring 2018.

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The Buzz: What do you think needs to be improved on campus?