Out of Bounds: Taking on Tiger

 Another year, another round of “Out of Bounds” and another year of me probably embarrassing myself with my March Madness picks. 


I’d like to shout out to my readers, all two of you who are reading this right now, thanks for sticking with me. 


So onto my first column of the teens or whatever this decade is being called and really who else could it be about. 


I’ve tried to resist writing about Tiger Woods. 


My response when someone talked to me about it was always, “who cares” or “it doesn’t matter.” 


But after seeing loads of sports writers get on their high horse and condemn Tiger and say how disappointed they are in him, I couldn’t hold out any longer. 


Anyone who has said or even thought the phrase, “man, I’m disappointed in Tiger Woods” read this next sentence very carefully. 


You are an idiot. 


Now here’s the disclaimer, I don’t condone what Tiger did or the way he covered it up. 


But to give someone you don’t know personally so much power over you that it affects you emotionally, that’s just ignorant. 


This goes against everything you are taught in organized sports. 


When a bad call goes against you or your team, your first reaction is to get angry at the referee. 


But what does your coach tell you? Just play your game; you can’t let someone affect your game because it’s out of your control. Only worry about what you can control yourself.


Why would you be disappointed in Tiger Woods? He did what thousands of men do all the time. 


Do you feel disappointed if some random guy in Arizona cheats on his wife? Of course not, but it’s the same thing.


That’s the equivalent of watching a Sham Wow commercial, finding out that the guy hates black people and saying, “Wow, I would have never guessed, this makes me sad.” 


It’s not like you are childhood friends, you just watch him on TV and that’s the end of your relationship. 


Same goes for Tiger. 


Did you know him personally? Was he a friend of a friend? Have you even seen him in person? 


I can almost guarantee that everyone just answered no to all three questions. 


Not only are sportswriters saying how disappointed and shocked they are in him, regular people that don’t even like golf are saying it.


This whole story isn’t even about Tiger Woods the athlete anymore; it’s about Tiger Woods the celebrity. 


And that’s what makes this situation so dumb.


We are a celebrity-worshipping society and this incident just reinforces that idea. 


There are two types of people who continue to express disappointment about this situation; people who give celebrities control over their emotions as if they know them personally and people who like to get up on their pedestal and feign disappointment because they need to feel superior. 


Both of these types of people are equally ignorant, but really you can’t experience anything less in this TMZ society we live in. 


Nevertheless, I am disappointed in every one of you.



Curtis Uemura is a columnist, sports writer and sports editor for The Inquirer. Contact him at [email protected]