Vikings dominate the court

Jesse Sutterley, Staff Member

On September 11th the Vikings volleyball team took down the powerhouse Ohlone. With a score of 15-12 in the fifth and final set DVC sealed the win from the previously undefeated Renegades. As well as defeating Solano College with the score being 15-7 in the last set.

This was not an easy victory for the Vikings. Ohlone dominated the first and second set of the match. But the Vikings quickly regained their feet and gained a huge lead in the third set.

“In the first set, we started behind, but in the third set we made it a point to start ahead and stop their momentum,” said Noelle Vleisides, right side hitter for the Vikings.

The third set came down to the wire as the Renegades closed the score gap ending the game 22-25 in the Viking’s favor. By the forth set the Vikings started off running. the score quickly become 18-10 and ended with a 10 point lead for the Vikings.

Our passing was struggling Vleisides mentioned noting the strategy of attack towards Ohlone’s setters.

The Vikings were able to keep their momentum into the fifth set and pulled out ahead and gave the Renegades their first taste of defeat this season.

Later that same day the Vikings beat Solano college. With the ball moving back and forth over the net with serves and blocks in between, the Vikings end up on top. The third set was the turning point for the Vikings and they held their lead for the remainder of the game.

The women of DVC will be going on the road and preparing for their next opponent Siskiyous College.

Come support them in their next home game against Sierra College on Wednesday, Sept. 30th.


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