Desmond Nisby’s devotion to football

Vielle Arcani, Sports editor


Desmond Nisby is a notable running back that has four Division 1 full scholarship offers after finishing the season with 642 yards rushing and 7 touch downs on Diablo Valley College’s football team.

Nisby transferred from Santa Rosa Junior College where he rushed for 608 yards and scored 5 touch downs in the 2014-15 season.

He started off playing Pop Warner football in the third grade and has come a long way since then. Nisby took a three year break from football then came back better than ever.

The Vikings struggled this season, but Nisby kept his composure in every situation, good or bad and made several memorable plays. There’s no question that he’s an asset to the team, scoring in four of the five games DVC won this fall and two of their last three loses.

His speed and ability to break tackles are two of the many strengths that sets him a part.

Nisby works hard to continuously improve his skills. He practices four to fives days a week and lifts weights twice a week during the football season.

The off season isn’t a time for rest. Running three times a week, hiking and biking are hobbies of his that keeps him in top shape while he’s away from field.

Not only does he strive to better himself, he is also a supportive teammate.

“I love Dez,” running back Miles Harrison said. “He’s like my big brother. He taught me a lot this season.”

His teammates speak highly of him and he speaks very highly of those that surround him on and off the field.

After a loss, Nisby remains positive and looks for ways to improve the outcomes of future games.

“I watch film to see where we went wrong and see what we can do differently,” Nisby said.

He watches college football, NFL games and plays Madden in his spare time.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the game,” Nisby said.

The time he spends practicing, playing, watching and thinking about football shows how dedicated he is to the game. Nisby’s passion and exceptional skills will take him far.

“With that size and quickness my man is going to be playing on Sundays for sure,” Harrison said.

Nisby’s four Division 1 scholarship offers are just the start. He has a promising career ahead of him and his impressive accomplishments so far are just the beginning.