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Vikings draw in intense game vs Sierra

Luis Lopez, Staff member

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The Vikings had to settle for a 1-1 draw on Tuesday Nov. 7 after an intense match versus Sierra College.

The girls had to overcome a 1-0 deficit that hung over them for most of the game.

Sierra opened up scoring at 26 minutes into the game after the Wolverines’ forward Lashaa Robinzine earned a penalty shot, which she would capitalize on after the ball went right past goalkeeper Danielle Davis.

The Vikings had quite a bit of trouble finding the back of the net in this one, as the Vikings took four shots in the first half that didn’t score.

“We didn’t get a ton on the frame of the goal that’s for sure,” said coach Cailin Mullins.

“Its a high pressure game, they’re a strong team, so we weren’t in a position to get great shots,” said forward Noelle Lemos.

The Vikings finally found the back of the net at 87 minutes into the game after a clutch goal from Megan Melara off an assist from Erica MacDonald.

Referee Stephen McGonagale handed out four yellow cards over the course of the match.

“You know that’s something that you just can’t control, they’re going to have days like that where the officiating is not going to be great, but you got to deal with it, focus on what you can control, sometimes your going to get referees that see it differently,” said coach Mullins

This game was the last home game of the regular season, which meant the Vikings would honor the hard work of nine sophomores as their careers begin to come to a close at Diablo Valley College.

Most notably, the career of Noelle Lemos was honored momentarily, as her outstanding DVC career goal record of 41 goals was recognized.

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Luis Lopez, Staff member
Editor in chief, fall 2018. Staff member, fall 2017 and spring 2018.
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Vikings draw in intense game vs Sierra