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Club values passion more than experience

The Dance Club rehearsing in front of the student union building. Autumn Lee, Yuliana Ochoa, Sabrina Turner, Mark Balancio, Lee Alabanca, Christian Aragon (left to right). (Mariana Ramos / The Inquirer)

All clubs start somewhere and DVC dance club began with one girl, Emma Li, eager to find students on campus with the desire to dance and perform.

Two years later, the dance club, or DVCDC, has grown to a membership of between 20 and 25 dancers.

The dancers practice Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. outside of the student union building, which many students have noticed.

“We’re a family,” said Sabrina Turner, who had little experience previous to her membership in the club.

“Join dance club,” is what they say whenever students pass by, because, despite your experience level as a dancer, the students in the dance club feel as if there is always room for more.

The director and one of the main choreographers, Lawrence Dominguez, had previous dance experience upon joining the club, along with a few other members who also partake in outside dance crews.

The club’s ICC representative, Juliana Ochoa, said “They take their experiences and bring it here.”

With the time Ochoa and Turner have put into this club, they’re now comfortable contributing their ideas.

Ochoa said, “We come up with ideas for dances, and then we come back and propose our ideas to the group.” After the propositions are presented, the group chooses which pieces they would like to perform at certain events.

They dance at many events on campus, along with a few outside performances.

Upcoming performances will take place during the Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Variety Show for QSA, DVC’s got talent and Indonesian Day.

“There is a theme for every performance,” said Ochoa.

For instance, at the Cinco De Mayo celebration they are performing a salsa inspired piece, and for the QSA show their piece has a drag-queen Lady Gaga theme.

“It is like a bunch of dances in one,” Turner said, and, although their dances are typically hip-hop, “We do the many styles of hip-hop.”

Ochoa said, “We are always open to new ideas and styles, and if someone wants to join that knows ballet we would love to have them teach it to us.”

DVC’s club is open to anyone looking for a place to perform and as the members in the club always say, “No experience needed.”


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Club values passion more than experience