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The Inquirer is a student-run online newspaper for Diablo Valley College. The Inquirer updates this website weekly as news happens. You can also like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter. Pages for individual staff members are here.

For tips or other confidential information please email [email protected], where you make speak directly with current staff members.

For business inquiries, Letters to the Editor, or questions please contact us at [email protected]

The  Inquirer  wants  to  be  a  forum  for discussing  issues  relevant  to  the  Diablo  Valley  College community,  and  for  our  audience  to  comment  on  our  coverage.

By  commenting,  you  give  The  Inquirer  permission  to  quote,  reprint  or  edit  your  words. Comments  should  be  brief,  have  a  positive  or  constructive  tone,  and  stay  on  topic.  If  the commenter  wants  to  bring  something  to  The  Inquirer’s  attention,  it  should  be  relevant  to  the DVC  community.  Posts  can  politely  disagree  with  The  Inquirer  or  other  commenters.

Comments  should  not  use  abusive,  threatening, offensive  or  vulgar  language.  They  should  not  be  personal  attacks  or  celebrations  of  other  people’s  tragedies.  They  should  not  overtly  or  covertly  contain  commercial  advertising.  And  they  should  not  disrupt  the  forum.

Editors  may  warn  commenters  or  delete  comments  that  violate  this  policy.  Repeated  violations may  lead  to  a  commenter  being  blocked.

Public  comments  should  not  be  anonymous  or  come  from  obviously  fictitious  accounts.  To privately  or  anonymously  bring  something  to  the  editors’  attention,  contact  them  at  The Inquirer,

12:30 – 3:30  p.m.  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays  and  Thursdays  in  Room  ATC 103,

Diablo  Valley  College,  321  Golf  Club  Road,  Pleasant  Hill,  CA  94523;  [email protected]

Our phone number is:


To make friends and build your resume, sign up for JRNAL 125, News Production Fundamentals, 3 units.

To work towards an AA-T in journalism, sign up for JRNAL 126, News Production Lab I, 3 units, CSU transferrable. (Must have JRNAL 120, JRNAL 125 or equivalent. You may be concurrently enrolled in JRNAL 120.)

To build a portfolio of published work, sign up for JRNAL 128, News Production Portfolio Development, 3 units.

Email the faculty adviser, Michael Levitin, for more information: [email protected].

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