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New DVC Head Football Coach Targets Players’ Success On and Off the Field


During his senior year of high school, Austin Kiraly uncovered his calling when he took on a project coaching a local 8th-grade football team. The experience sparked his desire to pursue a career in education and athletics, and Kiraly never looked back.

Now, as the interim head football coach at Diablo Valley College, Kiraly is living his dream. The goal, of course, is to win, but it’s about much more than that to Kiraly.

Working at the junior college level, he said, “You get an opportunity to change students’ lives [and] set them up on a path for success, not only for athletics but an academic and overall career path.”

Growing up in the East Bay, Kiraly played football from a young age. After he graduated high school, he spent two years working as a coach before he decided to return to college and play what he calls “the ultimate team sport.”

Kiraly’s football career included stints as an offensive guard at Feather River College in Quincy, Calif., and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in history with a minor in communications, and a Master’s degree in coaching and athletic administration, he pursued full-time coaching.

Now, working for the first time as a head coach at the junior college level, Kiraly said “The thrill of seeing my athletes achieve their dreams, whether it’s earning a full-ride scholarship or receiving their AA degree, is an unparalleled feeling.”

Taking the reins at DVC is no small task. The college competes in the Big 8 Conference, arguably the most competitive conference in California for community college football. Three of the last four state champions have come from the conference.

Following the Vikings’ 7-4 record last year, Kiraly said he plans to bring an aggressive approach to both offense and defense, with an emphasis on special teams. 

“We have big-play ability with some incredible skill position players across the board,” he said, highlighting the team’s potential for game-changing moments.

But for Kiraly, it’s not all about the game. As a coach, he emphasizes the importance of building healthy relationships and encouraging success for his athletes both on and off the field.

“Junior College is college football,” he said. “We have guys on this field who are elite-level athletes, and we compete against guys who are, week in and week out.” 

Beyond winning, he sees his role as helping to prepare players for success in the classroom and life outside the game.

With the season underway, Kiraly knows the pressure is on. DVC’s next game is home on September 15, against Shasta College. 



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    NickSep 30, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    Where did Mike Darr go?

    I am an ex-teammate of his at DVC and looked forward to going to games. I lost contact with Mike last year. Where in Texas did he go??