Letter to the Editor: ASDVC president sets the record straight

In response to the Inquirer’s article published on May 3rd, 2012 titled “ASDVC Deletes Critics”, I have taken it upon myself to respond as a concerned student.
Full disclosure: I am the President of the ASDVC. While the ASDVC is pursuing an official statement, I want to set the record straight and take responsibility for what I have done as President.
On April 26th, the executive committee of the ASDVC was scheduled to meet; however, we did not due to concerns raised: mainly that our meeting violated the Brown Act.
Per the Brown Act, we have to post special meeting agendas 24 hours in advance, which I as the President did for the meeting on the 26th.
However, due to oversight on my and the Student Life Office’s part, we stamped the meeting agenda with the date April 26th, not April 25th, the date it was created and posted. The workers in the Student Life Office can corroborate my claim.
So, we could have still legally met, making the concerns brought up by the students present and by the Inquirer moot.
So, as a student, I would want to see this corrected in the next Inquirer edition. I would want to see a retraction and public apology on the front page. As a student, I can recognize that mistakes are made; as individuals, we must all take responsibility for our actions and our mistakes.

K Kanghee Kim,
President, Associated
Students of DVC