Cheap thrills in San Francisco


Jessica Gillis, Staff member

In the Bay Area things can be expensive, it may even seem impossible to go out and explore without dropping large amounts of money. If you feel that way then look no further because here are some exciting and tasty places to go without breaking the bank.

Twin Peaks gives you golden views of the whole city and the rest of the East Bay. If you go up to the top of the twin peaks road and park in the lot at the top, that will be your best view.

I recommend going an hour before sunset because then you can see all the city lights start to turn on, changing the city into a twinkling blanket of stars. Remember to bring a blanket because it can get very windy up there.

Kirby Cove located below the Golden Gate Bridge is also a fun time. Start at the trail head at the top and walk down the road till you get to the campsites. Once you walk down to the beach after a short hike there are many coves to explore as well as a swing attached to a tree that will better your experience. Kirby Cove is fun for all ages, you can have a nice day at the beach or hike down just to see the views.

Treasure Island is notorious for its views of the San Francisco skyline, but if you want to revamp that experience, this is for the more rebellious types and a killer Instagram photo.

This secret spot can only be reached coming back from the city on the Bay Bridge. Once you have reached the exit for Treasure Island, you turn left and a shoulder  comes up very quickly.

Stopping at that shoulder and parking there is crucial because if you miss it you have to go all the way in the city again.

Once parked on the shoulder you are under the bridge. If you walk straight, go over the barricade and use the stairs, you’ll find yourself under the bridge with a breathtaking view of the city. The Bay Bridge in the background and silhouettes from the beams underneath.

With a bridge toll of only $5, this undiscovered spot is a cheap place to see the city in a new light as well as a new adventure.

With three locations in the city, Tacolicious is a enjoyable cheap treat if you hit up their taco Tuesday deal where you can get six tacos for $15 from 5 p.m. to closing. If you cannot make taco Tuesday, they also have this deal weekdays from 3-6 p.m.  With the great ambiance of the venue giving you the feel of a nice restaurant and bar scene it is a great place to hang with friends while not breaking the bank.

In the mood for something sweet and peculiar Salt & Straw is the place for you. With two locations in the city this ice cream shop is a perfect stop for someone who has a sweet tooth. It is known for its constant changing monthly flavors including Lots a Nacho, Rose and Lavender and Spring Flower Cream which are being featured currently. They are a little different then your usual ice cream place. At $6.25 for one scoop with their delicious waffle cone, it truly is worth the trek out to the city for the unique flavors that you can get nowhere else.

El Techo is a rooftop restaurant with views looking over the Mission District. A fun place to go to whether it be with your friends, for a celebration or even with your parents. Nothing can beat that view of beautiful San Francisco. They do not take reservations but if you get there for their happy hour weekdays 4-6 p.m. you are more likely to snag a spot. Although the normal food can be pricey, during their happy hour there is $5 bar bites and for people over the age of 21 pitchers of sangria for $18. If you are thinking about checking it out, I highly recommend the Quesadilla de Pibil shock is $12 and shareable, as well as the Pollo Frito.