DVC workshop highlights safety cautions


One of the more common crimes at DVC is theft. Students should take the following cautions to prevent their possessions from being stolen. (The Inquirer file photo).

Jasleen Kaur, Staff member

With arising security concerns on campus given recent incidents of theft and racist graffiti, a workshop about campus security was held at the Diablo Valley College on Sept. 26 to inform students on how to protect themselves. Corporal Charles Hankins, who works at DVC’s police department, led the workshop to provide students with safety tips while on campus.

Hankins told students to familiarize themselves with the location of the Police ServicesAccording to him, it is important for students to visit the building at least once and utilize its resources. The campus police department number is: 925-969-2785.

Vehicles Safety

Since theft is one of the most common crimes at DVC, Hankins provided students some tips to avoid getting their vehicles stolen.

It is important for students to always use bike locks on both the front and back tires,” said Hankins.

He also stated that students should write down serial numbers and take photos of their vehicle. This is encouraged in order to assist Police Services in an investigation.

Keeping Yourself Safe on Campus 

It is crucial for students to take measures to ensure their safety while going to class.

“The most important thing for students is to be aware of their surroundings and walk with purpose and confidence when they are around campus,” said Hankins.

He mentioned a personal safety app called the Campus Shield App which students use to report crime on campus.

“Calls go directly to the DVC Campus Police department drastically cutting down on emergency response time,” said Hankins.

Avoiding Fraud and Scam

There are many organizations that visit campus every semester, either as they apart of social, religious, or political organization. In the midsts of connecting with groups, some could risk fraud and scam. It is vital that students do not fall for fraud groups that traffic their phone numbers.

“Make sure outside groups are legit,” said Hankins. “A lot of people end up getting trafficked. Make sure you get all the information you can get about the group, and if it is a “secret” location, do not go there at all.”