The Buzz: Is Your Boss Making You Work on Thanksgiving?

Inquirer staff


“Is your boss making you work on Thanksgiving?”


“Personally, I’ve got a day off. But more people should get a day off to spend time with their family.”

Parm Thandi, 18, Business


“Thankfully I do not have to work on Thanksgiving, but some people like clinic workers probably should.”

Natalie Lee, 30, Nursing


“I’m actually not sure if I have Thanksgiving off. Though I think people should get some time off with their family.”

Saul Vindel, 24, International Relations

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“I wouldn’t want to work on holiday. I’m against the idea of having to work on Thanksgiving and I’m boycotting Black Friday.”

Nicole Hunter, 28, Business


“We should be able to have the choice to work or not without penalty.”

Alvin Infield, 18, Undeclared


“We should give them the ability to spend time with their family.”

Michael Mitchell, 19, Biblical Studies


“At least let them get paid more. They already get paid so little.”

Edward Emono, 23, Dental Hygiene