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The Buzz: What are you dressing up for Halloween?

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Samantha Laurey

“I’m going to be a cheerleader for Halloween. I spent money on my cheerleader uniform from high school so I’m going to use it as much as possible.”

Norma Altamirano, 18, nursing major.

Samantha Laurey

“I’m going to be a sexier version of myself but besides that I’m going to be a hippie.”

Cassandra Ezike, 18, nursing major.

Samantha Laurey

“I’m going as a Greek god. I was looking around at Spirit and the costume was cheap and I looked good in it.”

Bishari Taylor, 19, law major.

Samantha Laurey

“I dressed up as Trippie Redd.”

Paris Celestine, 20, psychology major.

Samantha Laurey

“Spiderman. Because Spiderman is great.”

Zahria Hendrix, 19, communication major.

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The Buzz: What are you dressing up for Halloween?