The Buzz: How did the shorter semester change affect you?

Emma Hall and Isabel Villalobos

(Isabel Villalobos/The Inquirer)

“I was great. I had more time to play video games.”

Hector Cordero, 18, math major

(Isabel Villalobos/The Inquirer)

“Having the class change and schedule course change made things faster paced. Homework began piling up.”

Nikki Razvan, 19, psychology major

(Emma Hall/The Inquirer)


“It was kind of hectic. All my work load was stacked and I had less time do assignments.”

Jasoo Kim, 18, music major

(Emma Hall/The Inquirer)

“It made me procrastinate more and made me forget about homework.”

Becky Nosorititckyi, 18, nursing major


(Emma Hall/The Inquirer)

“School crept up on me. I wasn’t prepared for it.”

Colin Reynolds, 18, kinesiology major