Police Services offer more than just patrols


Mahrukh Siddiqui

Lieutenant Ryan Huddleston, of DVC Police, offers services for students in need on campus.

Mahrukh Siddiqui, Staff Member

Going beyond daily patrols, providing a physical presence, assisting with car troubles, Police Services offer more to the DVC community than what is known.

“Going to class I feel pretty safe. Coming back from night class I’m worried for others who have parked further away and I am more worried for my car. I worry about myself depending on where I’ve parked my car and how dark it is. I don’t know of any services offered to DVC students,” said Saul Gomez, a child development major currently taking a night class at the Pleasant Hill campus.

Escort services provide police aides that are on duty and are available for students, faculty and staff both to and from classes. They can be arranged by contacting the non-emergency phone number (925) 686-5547.

Night patrols are conducted on campus, daily. Police Services also works with the Buildings and Grounds Services, also known as Facilities, to ensure that the campus is well lit and things like overgrown hedges and trees are cut back creating a safer environment for everyone.

Police Services offers jump starts to your car if the battery is dead and if you’ve managed to lock your keys inside your vehicle they can help you unlock it without breaking the windows or scratching the paint. They also will assist you in calling a tow truck should the situation require more than they are able to offer.

“We want our officers out and about, being seen and visible. We are everywhere, whether it’s on a bike, golf cart, (police) vehicle, or on foot,” said Lieutenant Ryan Huddleston of the Pleasant Hill campus.

Police aides, or students from all different backgrounds currently attending DVC, are available to help students and visitors find building and classes, not just by showing where they are located on a map but by physically taking them to the actual locations no matter the time of day.

According to Lt. Huddleston, the key to campus safety is not just through police presence but also working together with students, faculty, and staff to have more eyes on the ground and notifying authorities of unsafe situations. “We need you more than you need us.”

Currently Police Services is rebuilding their site to provide easier access to services they provide.

“If we can help someone get to class safely, that is a very big thing for us.”