Speak up on library issues

Erick Mujica, Staff member

Theres always room for improvement around the Diablo Valley College campus and for the next month or two the DVC library will be holding an initiative, allowing students to give the library feedback on what they are doing well and what needs improvement.

Andrew Kivel, interim library Director said, “(It’s) just another way we can hear from students on how the library is helping them succeed and what we can do better as department.”

Starting Oct. 5, there will be a white board at the front of the library asking a different question every week pertaining to how the library can be improved.

Students will be able to voice their opinions on the white board, giving the library department feedback needed to fulfill their assessment process. Kivel said, “It’s a great way to get student opinion on how our department is doing with student success on a little more personal level.”

The suggestion board will give the library department the data required for the self assessment. This process will be conducted by the libraries’ credential team. The library department was asked to spend more time assessing the department as a whole, evaluating the impact of the library on student’s success.

“Just trying to find out what students want more of; Do they want more computers? Do they want more study group rooms? Do they want better desks? Better books? We are always looking for ways to get feedback,” said Kivel.

Student James Tong, 23, a computer science major, said, “On hot days the AC in the library doesn’t seem to work because there isn’t much of a difference between the temperatures of outside and inside”

Third year business major, Yiman Cao, 23, said, “Theres a lot of noise in the computer area and near the study rooms making it hard to concentrate at times.”

With the improvements that have already been made in favor of students suggestions there will only be more to come in the future.