White nationalist fliers found on DVC campus



This photo was taken from Indentity Evropa website

Kayla Robinson, Staff Member

As professors and students began to arrive for their early morning classes Monday, spray painted and taped around campus were fliers from a white nationalists organization who call themselves Identity Evropa.

At first glance the average person wouldn’t be alarmed or have any concern raised at the sight of this flier which read, “Let’s become great again.”

“I was going to the bathroom and I saw them (the fliers) on campus all over, as you can see where they’ve been ripped down,” professor Robert Hawkins said. “I thought wow those look like fascist propaganda.  I also noticed they didn’t say approved by DVC on them. So I immediately went to my fellow co-worker and told him what happened, then we reported it to campus security, who then reported it to the police.”

Identity Evropa has been traveling around the country to college campuses seeking out students, “helping them unpack some of their assumptions while gaining name recognition for our organizations,” according to their organization’s website.

The group describes themselves as “awakened Europeans,” who, “oppose those who would defame our history and rich cultural heritage.”

“Sadly I’ve experienced and seen neo-Nazi protests at other colleges (or) universities before.  When I was a high school teacher I saw neo-Nazi propaganda. I just knew what it was,” Hawkins said.

Immediately after the call was placed to campus police, the fliers were found and taken down.

Interim President Ted Wieden said, “police services is investigating because of the nature in which they were attached to the buildings. There is potentially some damage to the buildings. So police services is investigating that as vandalism at this point in time.  I’m preparing an email to both employees and students indicating that, the college does not condone, it will not accept hate speech.”