Adjunct professor arraigned on assault charges stemming from Patriot Day protest


Mahrukh Siddiqui

Rick Write (left), Kevin Chan (center) and various individuals live stream prior to the arraignment of Eric Clanton, outside of Wiley W. Manuel courthouse in Oakland on May 26

Update: Clanton’s pretrial stemming from his May 24 arrest has been rescheduled to Sept. 28. According to Clanton’s attorney the postponement is to allow both sides to gather more information and witnesses.


Former Diablo Valley College adjunct professor Eric Clanton was arraigned Friday afternoon on four felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor offense of wearing a mask to avoid identification. 

Clanton was arrested May 24 for the April 15 protests in Berkeley, where a masked individual assaulted “Patriot Rally” attendees, in the head with a bike lock.

Among those attending the arraignment were Clanton’s family and friends, members of conservative media groups, major media outlets and attendees of the April 15 protests.

Rick Write said that he came down to cover the arraignment. He did not attend the April 15 event but he was present at the Milo protest in Berkeley and when Ann Coulter visited in Modesto. He is with The Red Elephants, a conservative media group.

Kevin Chan, who witnessed the victim, Sean Stiles, be assaulted on April 15 was also present at the arraignment. He said that he watched Stiles get hit over the head and when they pulled him back they saw that his head had been split open.

Clanton had been scheduled to teach a class at DVC this summer, but is no longer doing so. When asked why the change was made, Dean Obed Vazquez said, “He’s just part-time. We have a hierarchy and he hasn’t been here that long.”

Clanton’s defense attorney, Dan Siegel said that Clanton plead not guilty to all charges and denied the allegations.

After hearing arguments from both the district attorney and defense, Judge Thomas Nixon set Clanton’s bail at $100,000.

The next hearing is set for June 14 at the René C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland at 9 a.m.


Editor’s Note: The earlier version of this article said that bail was set at $200,000. This mistake has been corrected.