Learning Center receives grant for tablets


Kelvyn Moran and Kion Karimi work through an issue with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in the Learning Center. (staged stock photo) photo by Danny Yoeono

Kion Karimi, Staff member

Students who aren’t familiar with how to handle registration for classes, clear registration obstacles and get help on other subjects such as English, should come to the Learning Center for more help. 

The Learning Center has received a grant for a slate of tablets, specifically the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

This will help aid students in learning how to deal with their registration a lot better as someone will be there to guide them.

A “red light” includes understanding how to sign up for classes, fill in any missing information that’s preventing them from signing up for classes and much more.

Maria Castaneda, an instructional aid, said, “It’s really good to help the students; you have a lot of students that just don’t know what a red light is.”

Although the focus is on the red lights during peak hours of registration, the Learning Center wouldn’t want to put them to waste.

The tablets will bring relief during peak registration times outside of that, they will not be lying dormant.

Castaneda believes that the tablets will be a good source for the students in the English lab, “We can expand information, we can have more resources such as utilizing the library and looking up articles.”

With the tablets, students will have more access to registration information as well as time compared to before when they would have to rely on handouts.

“We have lots of handouts but sometimes we will run out, time management will be more efficient,” said Castaneda.

The Learning Center will always help any student, including ones that don’t normally go to their building.

Kelvyn Moran, a co-coordinator, said, “We also help anyone that walks in, just that friendly place where they can get help.”

There are worries that the tablets  could have problems during peak hours at the school with the troublesome internet connection but the staff is sure that it won’t be a problem.

“Technology is always a bit of a challenge especially at peak hours. I’m positive this will work well,” said Moran.

Peak hours are when the WiFi is being used the most and when individuals using it seem to run into hiccups because of the internet usage traffic.

New technology may be barred from their max potential in helping utilizing our resources especially with DVC’s shoddy wireless internet connection.

Nonetheless, this will be a great resource for the Learning Center to grow and aid more students.

“(The tablets) will be available by Spring registration,” said Moran.

Check out the Learning Center, they’ll help you sign up for classes, show you how to access external resources and clear those “red lights” on your registration.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the Learning Center will help any student as much as possible.

Another co-coordinator, Dorian Eidhin, said, “It helps them see that they’re not by themselves. The Learning Center is the place that they can come.”