ASDVC posts nominations for upcoming election

ASDVC held their nomination meeting on March 19 in the student union. (Inquirer file photo).

ASDVC held their nomination meeting on March 19 in the student union. (Inquirer file photo).

Pavlina Markova, Staff member

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General election nominations for the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College occurred on Tuesday, March 19 just as the student government accepted two new senators and many more came to the meeting to run for office.

The general election nominations were closed after the meeting. The posted nominations are as following; Yuvia Mendoza and Taia Allegra were nominated for the post of the president, currently held by Timotius Vincent. Nicholas Butun, Jiayang Xing and Yifan Zhang were nominated for the post of Vice President of Executive Affairs, currently held by Michael Gaetos. Ellena Aldisa, Peter Aleman and Yue Shen for Vice President of Legislative Affairs, currently held by Nicole Loh. Howard Li and Carissa Tantio for Controller, currently held by John Michaelson. Stefanie Senjaya and Rajiv Iyengar for Parliamentarian, currently held by Dio Oey. Nicole Tan and Allya Lazuardi for Secretary, currently held by Patricia Heriyanto. Chi Lo, Wentao Leon Zheng and Stanley Tikando for Public Relations Officer, currently held by Gabriel Butun. Gerardo “Panda” De La Torre, current Environmental Affairs Officer, was nominated to run for the post again, with Christopher Kurniawan and Karin Pal as opponents. Dorothy Holmes, current Diversity Affairs Chair, is running for the post again, with Joanne Samantha as her opponent. Sharon Suhartono and John Michaelson were nominated for the post of Activities Coordinator, currently held by Isabel Wong.

Two new members were also accepted to join ASDVC. Students Stanley Tikando and Allya Lazuardi approached the board wanting to join the student government since they came to their first general meeting, Lazuardi said.

“We hope to become a part of your family,” said Lazuardi.

Lazuardi and Tikando joined the student government in hope to make a change and help the community become better.

Both Tikando and Lazuardi also got nominated for posts of function in the student government; Tikando for public relations and Lazuardi for secretary.

“We want to make (a) difference in community and school,” said Tikando.

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