The Buzz: What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

Inquirer Staff


Jessica Goodrich, 21, nursing

“I use my own bags for grocery shopping. I also carpool. When I’m doing something bad for the environment, I definitely second guess it and don’t do it. I try to do big loads of laundry all at one time to save water as well.”



Clayton Hibbard, 21, political science

“I’m 21 and I still don’t drive. I can feel good about it because I take buses and ride a bike everywhere. I conserve my water usage by taking short showers. On a daily basis, you only really need one or two gallons of water to survive. If you’re taking a half hour long shower, that’s a complete waste.



Andras Telegdy, 20, astronomy

“I use as much public transportation as I can.”


Ashley Raman, 21, nutrition

“I’ve been trying to walk to the store when I go grocery shopping, there that is. I haven’t been driving to the store. The store is about half a mile away. I try not to waste gas too.”


Andrew Gonzalez, 20, English

“I recycle, I throw everything away, I don’t litter. I’m switching to green things, and not using as much energy as one would before. Light bulbs are probably the best example, so I went from the ones that use a ton of energy to the ones that uses less.”


Alanna Reed, 19, French

“I’ve been vegetarian for about six months now, because I know that the livestock industry is like one of the biggest carbon emitting industries there are in the world. One, I love animals and I hate how they are treated, and two it’s good for the environment as well.”