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Letter to the editor: DVC should install security cameras due to its theft problem

Jason Cordis

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At DVC campuses, there is a security issue that puts students’ belongings at risk.

Several students who have parked their cars at the overflow lots to get to have returned to find that their car windows smashed and certain belongings stolen from them.

The school did not have the necessary security technology to help identify the criminals.

Reports of auto-related crimes on campus have been steadily increasing.

According to Campus Crime Reports, motor vehicle thefts at DVC have risen from eight in the 2013-2014 year to 13 in the 2016-2017 year.

I talked to my classmate, Josh C. who was a victim of one of such thefts.

In early February 2018, he reported that his driver’s side window was smashed, and a metal decoration hanging from his rear view mirror was stolen. “I’m still thinking about it, honestly. It’s such a stupid thing to do over something that means so little,” he said.

This issue at our school deserves action from all of us. DVC needs to install security cameras in the parking lots to help identify thieves, as well as deter future thefts from occurring.

If you are a student parking at DVC student parking lots, follow the advice from the Campus Police’s Safety Tips: “Never leave visible valuables inside a car,” and “Never leave items containing your name or address visible in your car.”

Together at DVC we can create a safe environment for students in which they are assured that their belongings are safeguarded and secure.

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Letter to the editor: DVC should install security cameras due to its theft problem