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Letter to the editor: Lack of bus tickets vending machines

Cesar Jose Cortez

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The students who do not have car at Diablo Valley College are facing two big problems once they finish classes and have to take the bus.

The first, is the time schedule of buses at college. Night classes finish at 9:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday and the last bus is scheduled to depart from DVC bus terminal at 10 p.m.

Sometimes classes have post-discussions with the professor and sometimes, the location of the classroom makes it impossible to get the bus on time.

Therefore, it would be suggestible to add one last bus at 10:30 p.m., at least from Monday through Thursdays. This will make it easier for students to catch their bus and avoid the stress of missing the last bus, and being stranded at DVC.

The second problem, which also has been noted by many students, is the fact that we sometimes run out of cash and unfortunately, buses only accept cash to pay for the ride.

If for any reason students do not have cash on them at the moment of riding the bus, the bus driver can easily deny the ride to the student. This creates a big issue to the student because he or she will not have a way to get to his or her destination.

The most effective solution for solving this issue would be to install a bus ticket vending machine, which would be close by to the bus terminal at college. It is important to have a bus vending ticket machine because sometimes as student we have money in our debit or credit cards; nevertheless, buses only accept cash.

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One Response to “Letter to the editor: Lack of bus tickets vending machines”

  1. Corinne Dutra-Roberts on March 22nd, 2018 7:06 pm

    Let the students know that there are a few options for paying for the bus without cash.
    Buy a monthly or 12-ride pass from County Connection; use a Clipper Card which can be auto loaded with a credit card, and sign up for a free $15 Try Transit Clipper card at

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Letter to the editor: Lack of bus tickets vending machines