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Letter to the editor: President Trump is a fake conservative

Stewart B. Epstein

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The biggest faker of all is none other than President Donald Trump.  He is posing as a conservative but he is actually a fake conservative.
What is my evidence?
You can look this up for yourself on the internet.
In 1999, he proposed that the Congress pass a new “National Wealth Tax” (not income) of 14.25 percent on all individuals who have a “net-worth”/ “net-wealth” of $10 million and higher.  That is a very liberal idea.
There is not even one Democrat in both houses of the Congress who supports such a very liberal/progressive policy like that.
The Green Party does. Trump wanted the money generated by it to be spent on two items:
1. Totally eliminating the national debt (that sounds conservative).
2. Spending the remainder on adding it to the Social Security Trust Fund to make it more fully solvent for additional years (that does not sound conservative.)
I am assuming that some of us know that it is presently fully solvent through the year 2034, meaning that there is absolutely no reason for conservatives to want to cut benefits right now (as they yearn and crave to do). The less-than-truthful conservatives in the Congress and the right-wing propaganda media machine do not want the public to know this.
President Trump has been posing as a conservative.
He has been masterfully manipulating all of us and playing us for fools and suckers, both his supporters and his critics.

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Letter to the editor: President Trump is a fake conservative