Letter to the Editor: The Importance of Unbiased Student Research


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Eila Burnett, Guest Writer

Dear Editor-in-Chief,

As a student who is Gen Z, it is important that the other students understand the dangers of using one source for all information.

In today’s media, there are several channels, news companies, magazines, and websites that are biased to certain political parties, ideals, or morals. It is important to research events from all different sides to build your own opinion.

According to an Insider article, Fox News, CNN, and Breitbart News seem to be the most biased when it comes to political persuasions. PBS News seems to have the most unbiased views on all topics, along with USA Today. These are important to look into, due to the problems it can cause between people and the twisted stories. That is why research is necessary in today’s communities.

Due to the past few years, it has become clear that America is splitting into two groups: Democrats and Republicans. However, many of the people within these groups don’t fully understand what ideals or morals they are agreeing with, due to the lack of understanding and research.

As a college campus, I believe that we should use The Inquirer to encourage the students and even faculty members to really explore controversial topics. For example, abortion laws, the effects of gun control, the death penalty, minimum wage, and many others should be heavily researched before an opinion is formed. When stating your opinion, there should be solid facts and reasoning to back it up if you want to be heard. Without reasoning, people will have a harder time trusting your opinion or even taking it seriously, which is why as a community, DVC should make it a point in classes to really research important topics to better understand why they believe that side.


Eila Burnett

Oakley, CA