Viking nation revved up by Dave Garcia


Stevie Chow

Dave Garcia had a lot to cheer about during the vikings 35-20 win against De Anza. (Stevie Chow / The Inquirer)

Griffin Henning

Not every college football team is so fortunate to have all of the drums, bells, whistles and sirens that create the ambiance we know to be synonymous with the college football tradition.

Many college football programs rely on the school’s band to ignite harmony and encouragement from the masses.

The Vikings count on Dave Garcia.

Garcia can be found at every Vikings football game with his pom-team paraphernalia. Usually standing in the front row, offering his encouragements vocally, or with one of the many musical instruments with which he serenades the Vikings towards success.

He has been attending football games on behalf of his three sons since they began their football careers at College Park High School. Garcia’s boys went on to play for nearby Los Medanos College, where the family would eventually be introduced to DVC’s Head Coach, Mike Darr.

“I envision this dream, where all three of my boys are playing side by side together on the O-Line,” Garcia said.

Two of his sons currently coach for the Vikings Football team, which is now 6-1 under their guidance in tandem with the supporting staff and Coach Darr.

“I love the game of college football. I try to stay supportive and positive, but I also let the refs know when they missed a call. Hey, this is the Viking Nation,” Garcia said as he expanded on his vocation.

Mr. Garcia supports this program with such enthusiasm because he appreciates DVC football as the wonderful program that it is.

“I want these kids to know when they turn around and look behind them from the sideline, they know I got their backs,” he said. “They know we’re behind them.”

Garcia’s passion engages him in a beautiful commitment as he savors and relishes the tradition of college football; a commitment that only a loving fan could dedicate himself to.

It’s because Mr. Garcia shares a paternal love for his sons and a prolific love for the game that he feels compelled to adorn every sideline with his inspirational show. “As long as my boys are coaching,  I’ll be there.” said Mr. Garcia as he briefly gazed onto the field before berating an official for a missed call. That’s what the Viking Nation is all about: support, unity and dedication.