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DVC’s Lemos scores hat trick in decisive victory over Cabrillo

Luis Lopez, Staff Member

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Diablo Valley College’s women soccer team (4-0) put up its highest scoring output since Sept. 20, 2004, putting up an outstanding nine goals against Cabrillo College’s defense, while at the same time allowing none defensively, with a final score of 9-0.

Sophomore forward Noelle Lemos also had an amazing performance of her own, putting up her first hat trick of the season, which put her at second for state scoring leaders.

The Vikings played extremely well, domniating on both sides of the ball for the entire game.

“Everybody played really well today, we scored some good goals, offensively, everybody took good care of the ball,” coach Cailin Mullins said in a postgame interview.

The scoring output from today was the team’s best offensive performance so far this season.

“We moved the ball nicely, we composed on the ball, handled pressure well when we were under pressure, I think that’s the biggest difference on this performance from the last couple of performances,” Mullins said.

In addition to the excellent offensive performance, coach Mullins was also happy with her team’s defensive play.

“We played (defensively) in a different shape than we have been, I thought they handled that change very well, so I’m very proud of them defensively,” Mullins said.

Even after such a dominating performance, coach Mullins still sees room for improvement with this team.

“We’ve still got to get better defensively, we’ve still got to understand our roles in the back, and still do a better job of being on the same page, I think thats something we’re still working on – everybody trying to understand what we’re doing as a group,” Mullins said. “It’s really hard to defend good players by your self, you’ve got to do it as a group, so we’re still working on that component.”

In other news, freshman goalkeeper Rylie Pearson made her home debut at the start of the second half, earning a key save for the defense.

“She did great, she had to come up big with a save there towards the end. She did really well, (was) really composed. Distribution was excellent,” Mullins said. “I was very proud of her.”

The Vikings will play their next game at home against Cosumnes River on Sept. 12.

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DVC’s Lemos scores hat trick in decisive victory over Cabrillo