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Women’s soccer picks up another win, at the expense of goalkeeper Davis

Luis Lopez, Staff member

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The Vikings bounced back from their loss at Folsom Lake with a 2-1 conference victory against Modesto Junior College to improve to 6-3-2 overall.

The game was a test of defense for both teams, as scoring wasn’t opened until the 29th minute after a goal from Noelle Lemos.

Modesto answered back with a goal of their own from Denise Romo in the 45th minute, but just 90 seconds later in stoppage time the offensive prowess of Lemos once again proved difficult to stop, as she scored her second goal of the game.

That goal ended up being the winning score for the Vikings as the second half went completely scoreless en route to a DVC victory.

When asked about her goals, Lemos did not give herself all of the credit.

“Just playing as a team, that was the biggest thing today,” said Lemos. “We were working together…and that’s where my goals came from, playing with my teammates.”

Coach Cailin Mullins liked the team’s mental approach in response to last week’s loss.

“I think we made a big improvement on our attitude,” said Mullins. “We didn’t approach Friday’s game with enough determination and collective work, and today was a much more positive vibe.”

“People worked really hard on the bench, off the bench, on the field, it was a much better vibe out there as far as what we can do consistently,” said Mullins.

The win may have come at a price for the Vikings, however, as goalkeeper Danielle Davis suffered a shot to her eye in the 32nd minute.

Davis left the game with a swollen eye and did not return.

She was given an impact test, which is given to players as an immediate post-concussion assessment and cognitive test, after the game, but is expected to make a quick recovery.

Before the game, sophomore forward Erica MacDonald was spotted kneeling for the national anthem.

When asked why she felt it was important to kneel for the anthem, MacDonald said she meant to bring attention to the disadvantages minorities face in the United States.

“I think there’s a lot of racial tension in the country, and with me being white I know I’ll never have to deal with the stuff that African-American and Latino people have to deal with, and I think it’s important to draw attention to it because I am white and since I have an advantage over those people I think its important to bring attention to the disadvantage they’re given,” said MacDonald.

The Vikings’ next game will be on October 6th at Sierra College.

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Luis Lopez, Staff member
Editor in chief, fall 2018. Staff member, fall 2017 and spring 2018.
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Women’s soccer picks up another win, at the expense of goalkeeper Davis